OWC Thunderbolt Hub - Hub

4 x USB-C - työpöytä
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Valmistaja Other World Computing
Tuotenumero OWCTB4HUB5P
  • EUR 144 ALV 0%
  • Tuotteen yleiskuvaus
    • Performance
    • More ports mean more devices
    • Reinvents the daisy chain
    • Dynamic charging
    • Adjustable LED
    • Securable
    • Connectivity reimagined
    • Plug in multiple bus-powered Thunderbolt drives
    • A higher vision
    • Powerfully effective
    • Disconnect in one click

    You have been wanting this for a long time: more full speed, Fully functional Thunderbolt ports. The new OWC Thunderbolt Hub is the first solution that lets you massively expand the connection possibilities of your Thunderbolt 4 PC or Mac.

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