Jabra Evolve2 40 UC Stereo

Kuuloke + mikrofoni - korvien päällä - langallinen - USB-A - melua vaimentava
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Tulossa 4.4.2023
Tulossa 140kpl Tulossa 4.4.2023 Tulossa 46kpl Tulossa 2.1.2025
Valmistaja Jabra
Tuotenumero 24089-989-999
  • EUR 119 ALV 0%
  • Tuotteen yleiskuvaus
    • Quiet delivered to your desk
    • Don't hide when you're in your stride
    • You call the shots
    • UC-certified means UC-satisfied
    • Music matters
    • The new standard of comfort
    • Thinking outside the box

    Put on your Evolve2 40 and feel the noise around you instantly fade, as the isolating foam oval ear cushions and pioneering new angled earcup design work to effectively block out your surroundings, giving you outstanding passive noise cancellation. Instant quiet without leaving your desk. That's the new standard.

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